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Ponencia: What have Nanoparticles, Obesity, Alzheimer and the Blood Brain Barrier in common

Findings by University of Montana Professor Dr. Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas, MA, MD, Ph.D., and her team of researchers (including MTM Laboratory) reveal that children living in megacities are at increased risk for brain inflammation and neurodegenerative changes, including Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

The study found when air particulate matter and their components such as metals are inhaled or swallowed, they pass through damaged barriers, including respiratory, gastrointestinal and the blood-brain barriers and can result in long-lasting harmful effects.

Calderón-Garcidueñas and her team compared 58 serum and cerebrospinal fluid samples from a control group living in a low-pollution city and matched them by age, gender, socioeconomic status, education and education levels achieved by their parents to 81 children living in Mexico City. 

The results found that the children living in Mexico City had significantly higher serum and cerebrospinal fluid levels of autoantibodies against key tight-junction and neural proteins, as well as combustion-related metals. Brain autoantibodies are one of the features in the brains of people who have neuroinflammatory diseases like multiple sclerosis.” 

Exposure to nanoparticles results in the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and the presence of autoantibodies to important brain proteins. This will contribute to the neuroinflammation observed in urban children and raises the question of what role air pollution plays in a 400 percent increase of MS cases in Mexico City, making it one of the main diagnoses for neurology referrals.  

Once there is a breakdown in the blood-brain barrier, not only will particulate matter enter the body but also open the door to harmful neurotoxins, bacteria and viruses. 

The results of constant exposure to air pollution and the constant damage to all barriers eventually result in significant consequences later in life. She explains that the autoimmune responses are potentially contributing to the neuroinflammatory and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s pathology they are observing in young urban children.


       CV - Dra. Blaurock-Busch

  • 1984 -2001    Director & President, Trace Minerals International (Analytical & Clinical Laboratory), Boulder, Colorado
  • 1986 -2001     Laboratory Director, Trace Minerals International
  • 1986- 2001     License, Metal Toxicology, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification
  • 2001-2005      Assistant Director, King James Medical Laboratory, Cleveland, OH
  • 2000 - Research Director, Micro Trace Minerals Laboratory, Germany
  • 2001 - Scientific Advisor, International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology
  • 2002 - Consultant, Synlab Medical Laboratory Group, Germany
  • 2005 - Scientific Advisor, German Medical Ass’n for Clinical Metal Toxicology
  • 2009 - Independent studies, Exeter College, Oxford University, UK
  • 2012 - Research Director, Trace Minerals International Laboratory, Boulder, Colorado
  • 2012 - Consultant, King Saud University, Biochem Laboratory, Riyadh, KSA

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